The story

You received an old-fashioned handwritten letter from England. You haven’t seen one of those for a long time! However, the content of the letter makes you think. After the death of your great-uncle, you are invited to come to his house
in England. Why have you never heard of that great-uncle? Your parents don’t want to tell you anything about it either. The letter raises more questions than it answers. What kind of secret is hidden in your family?

Family secrets is an online game that can best be compared to an escape room. You solve puzzles and riddles to progress. Everything takes place online so #stayhome. Through a telephone or video connection, you can collaborate with
family and friends to decipher the riddle. There is no time limit on this game so you can quit and continue at any time. In total, the game lasts 1 to 3 hours.

Play the game on a laptop or desktop for the best experience. Other tools like a smartphone and pen and paper can come in handy. Collaborate with family and friends by opening a video connection. With one ticket you can log in on one
device and share your screen via Skype/Zoom/MS Teams. Buy multiple tickets if you want to use multiple devices.

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